Cady (290) - Box Not In Mint Condition

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Cady (290) - Box Not In Mint Condition

Funko Pop! under the category Pop! Movies .

Who was & is still a fan of Mean Girls where you will watch the film over & over again? We know we are. It has been past a decade since Mean Girls was first released in 2004 where the story surrounds Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan), Regina George (Rachel McAdams), Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert) & Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried). 

Here is a good news for all fans out there, in May 2016, under the Pop! Movies category, Funko have released 4 of the main characters in the Mean Girls film which are:

  • Regina (289)
  • Cady (290)
  • Gretchen (291)
  • Karen (292)

So what are you waiting for? Hit the buy button & collect them now..

~ ~ ~ ~
p.s :
This pop! is under the vaulted category.
What's vaulted you asked?
Vaulted pop!s are pop!s that are no longer in production


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