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Interested in opening a retailer's account with us, The Loot Chest?

This page is dedicated to all retailers & dealers in Malaysia that would like to be partners with us, The Loot Chest where as per below, we have distribution rights in Malaysia for:

Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY Products

Effective 27th September 2016, we have reached an agreement with Mighty Jaxx Intergalactic Pte Ltd, Singapore to be an Exclusive Distributor in Malaysia where we have exclusive rights in distributing their XXRAY products in this region.

Mighty Jaxx works with a famous New York Artist Jason Freeny to develop a series of dissected vinyl art figures from popular licenses such as DC Comics & it is called the XXRAY series.

XXRAY products are vinyl art figures that stands at 4" tall & features dissected parts in full color, giving collectors the gift of X-Ray vision.

Wave 1, 2 & 3 of Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY DC Comics are now available in the Malaysian market where else wave 4 & 5 of XXRAY DC Comics are estimated to arrive in the 2nd quarter of 2017 & wave 6 at the 3rd quarter of 2017. XXRAY DC Comics are just the start of many more licenses to arrive in the Malaysian shore.

Should your retail store in Malaysia be interested in obtaining these products for resale, you are more than welcome to enquire from us as per below e-mail:

To exciting times ahead !!!