Package Grading

Standard Box

  • Majority of our products are under this category unless stated otherwise. Packaging / Box of the item is in good condition (some box might have minor creases).  

Substandard Box

  • Substandard box are items with packaging (box) that are not perfect due to dents, scratches or worn-out. Items for this grade are still brand new & are perfect for out of the box display. The products will also be @ discounted prices.

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Additionally, should you come across with the term, Substandard Item, this means:

  • Product is not perfect due to scratches or worn-out. Items are still brand new & will be @ discounted prices.

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Feel free to request from us the actual pictures of the product before purchasing the item. You may do so by e-mailing us at or Facebook message us at The Loot Chest

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