How do we pack your Funko Pop!s?

To prevent / reduce damage of your Pop!'s box(es) during delivery, here are the steps that we take to pack your Pop!s :

Step 1 :

  • 1st layer of bubble wrap will be use to wrap your Pop(s)!.

Step 2 :

  • Pop(s) will be place inside a card board box where the box will be larger than the size of the pop(s).

Step 3 :

  • Bubble wrap will be slotted at the sides of the card board box to fill up any empty space if needed.

Step 4 :

  • Parcel will be sealed.

Step 5 :

Depending on the number of pop!s & the size of the box, a 2nd layer of bubble wrap will either be :

  • Pasted at selected sides of the box that require extra padding, OR
  • The whole parcel will be wrap

Step 6 :

  •  Parcel will be wrap once again where this time with brown wrapping paper.

Step 7 :

  • Finally, translucent cling wrap will be use to wrap the parcel & order is ready for postage.


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